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A Word About the Pastor :-

Rev.Yesuratnam Devarapalli is 47 Years Old, Indian, born and brought up in a pastors family under good and strick discipline and parentage. His father and Mother and also his three brothers also in lord's work. He came from a remote rural area. with not much popular or financial background.

From his childhood he had some goals in his mind about future. In those days when he was going to sunday school. one day a Sunday school teacher taught about jesus Christ public ministry in Nazareth, and what jesus read and spoke about his work. Then Yesuratnam caught by one word from that Luck 4: 18 "Bring Good News To the Poor" (Physically and Spiritually) It was touched His Heart.

After some days he went to his Father Rev.Jayarao and shared with him his interests and desires to expanding the kingdom of God. His zeal was Good News for the poor. So Rev.Jayarao who is the father Yesuratnam, recognized that Yesuratnam's Goal. After Competition of Yesuratnam's secular degree (Bachelor of Arts) B.A. he sent his son Yesuratnam for the theological studies according to his desire in andhara christin theological College Hyderabad.

When Yesuratnam was studying B.A. he was participated so many social activities and again when he was completion studies, he went to penumantra village, west Godavari District (A.P) for pastering. That time people were suffered and struggled from a great cyclone. So he went to some people those who are economically good. and he collected clothes, bed sheets, vessels and rice etc. Then he distributed it their for the glory of the lord. and he fights with the Government of Andhra pradesh for some rights to developing the poor people. But he didnt for get church ministry.

         After he mariage with Mrs.Devarapalli.Jayaprada his activities were developed with the help co-opration of jayaprada, So both were doing well for the glory of God. After five years of his pastering there.
Then he transferred to santhosh nagar, Hyderabad from Penumatra west Godavari District.

Here he started his ministry among the slum people. He worked there years for our God and the poor people. Then he transferred to Bhavani nager (Diving Grace Lutheran Church) Hyderabad in 2003. Still he is Doing there a great and dynamic ministry.

        He is very Dynamic in getting people together to work for the betterment of the christion society.
He is capable of bringing together the pastors and the unity for the common worship. He is very much talented in the econamical Movement. He is very good at prison ministry he does the village ministry with the Youth. He goes Preaching In the open Air too.

        Then after 5 years, he was transferred to Lakdikapool Lutheran church. Hyderabad Parish
Now he is working there as a Parish Pastor.

                                                                    -- VISION --
                                                                    If God Willing.

1. Spiritual Programmer                                                         2. Vecational programmer
:  Church Plantation                                                                    :    To Help Weaker
:   Construction of Church Buildings                                            :     Orphanage
:   Support For the poor pastors                                                 :     Old age Home
:  Bible Training Center                                                               :    Free Medical camps
:  Conducting Revival meetings                                                    :    Help Aids patients
:  Bible Free distribution for Converts                                          :    Schools for poor children
:  Tracts distribution Ministry

Contract:- Email:
Mobile No :  +91 9391326677
                       +91 8978823699.


 Sunday School Children, In Qutubullapu Hyderabad !

Bible distribution in Slum area.

Disturbing Cloths

Disturbing Cloths.